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Music Tribe

Company Description

There’s a Musician in Every Human Being 
At Music Tribe, we believe that there’s a musician in every human being. Whether you play an instrument or simply enjoy listening to music, for us you are a musician. We are committed to making music accessible to everyone, regardless of your background or identity. Our mission is to bring people together and empower them through the universal language of music.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just a music lover, we welcome you to our Tribe.
Come join us and let’s enjoy beautiful music together! 

Job Description

Behringer is seeking an experienced HR Manager to join our team. This role involves developing and implementing HR initiatives to boost employee engagement, talent growth, and overall organizational success. The HR Manager will collaborate closely with internal teams and external service providers to provide strategic HR guidance and solutions.

Key responsibilities include managing relationships with HR service providers and ensuring payroll accuracy, talent management, employee engagement, and workplace culture enhancement. Compliance with employment laws and regulations, HR policy development, and data-driven decision-making are also integral parts of the role.

Additionally, the HR Manager will assess training needs and develop programs to enhance employee skills.

Requirements for this role include an academic degree in Human Resources or a related field, several years of HR experience, knowledge of HR best practices and German employment laws, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and a track record of successfully driving HR initiatives. The work environment is collaborative, with opportunities for hybrid work, and the company promotes a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


– Transformational HR Partnering and Brand Experience Strategy and Implementation
– Transformational Talent and Triber Experience Strategy and Implementation
– Transformational Automation and Compliance Strategy and Implementation
– Transformational Performance and Analytics Strategy and Implementation
– Transformational Cost Efficiency Strategy and Implementation

Additional Information

Our Values
– Be Kind
– Be Clear
– Collaborate
– Deliver to Promise
– Celebrate

Our Culture
Deeply Purpose Driven and Passionate
– Unstoppable Energy Giver and “Positive Troublemaker”
– Truly Customer Obsessed 
– Disruptive and Digitally Minded
– Social and Planetary Advocate


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