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Work is an inevitable part of our life but sometimes it is extremely hard to find a job that will suit your specialization and requirements. Probably, you have already checked all the sites and platforms for looking for a job but everything looks not really suitable for you. At this exact moment we are here to help you in such a big deal. Hold on our helping hand and start your prospective career right now with us.


IT-jobs-de is a verified provider of German IT jobs. Our website suggests you only verified vacancies for all possible IT specializations. The specific point of our site is providing IT jobs in Germany for English speakers. So if you are looking for remote IT jobs and have a good level of English, you can use our site to find your ideal job match.

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IT Jobs In Germany

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Interview Tips for IT Jobs in Germany: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Working in IT in Germany: Cultural Differences and How to Adapt

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IT Salaries in Germany: How Much Can You Earn in the IT Industry?

When looking for IT remote jobs and English speaking IT jobs in Germany it would be useful to know what you can expect. Generally a person in an IT job Germany earns around €4000 per month on average. A blockchain developer has €3400 per month, systems analyst has €3800 per month, support specialist earns €3900 per month, software development manager has €4900 per month. As you can see, IT jobs in Germany are well paid, so it will be a good idea to try yourself there.

When starting cooperation in Germany IT jobs would be helpful to know about salary negotiation possibilities. Check the tips below to learn more about it.

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  1. First of all, determine your value as an IT specialist. Think carefully about your special skills and personal features that can differ you from other candidates and be super helpful at the job you are pretending on.

  2. Then tell your employer about it and explain your salary expectations. Do not be too emotional and do not concentrate on your needs, speak just about the qualities you have and its value.

  3. Be ready to hold such a competitive conversation. Be calm, persistent, democratical and diplomatic. Try not to settle for an unpleasant decision for you. Show your employer that you have a serious mindset.

Top Jobs In Germany's Leading Cities

it jobs frankfurt

IT jobs Frankfurt

Desktop Support Engineer and IT Administrator are on top in this city.

it jobs dresden

IT jobs Dresden

IT System and Network Administrator are open vacancies here.

it jobs berlin

IT jobs Berlin

IT Support Technician and IT Administrator vacancies are leading in this city.

it jobs leipzig

IT jobs Leipzig

Technical Support Engineer and IT Service Manager are needed here.

it jobs hamburg

IT jobs Hamburg

Security Analysts and Security Managers are in demand in this city.

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