Product Owner

  • full_time
  • Germany


A Product Owner conducts research and analysis to find solutions to business problems. The objective of this role is to ensure that we are structuring product development effectively and aligned with the needs of the customer, the development team, and corresponding leaders.

  • Communicate the release of new changes to customers;
  • Monitor support demands;
  • Work together with customers and internal employees to meet customer and company needs
  • Work supported by leadership or senior PO, with internal stakeholders (development team) and users to obtain relevant datasets for analysis and perform necessary analyses
  • Support process analysis, diagnosis, and identification of improvement levers;
  • Monitor routine activities with high predictability and short-term impact.


  • Experience with Project or Product management roles.
  • Knowledge of Agile culture.
  • Advanced English.


  • PPR: varies according to the professional’s performance and the company’s profits;
  • Premium Medical plan and dental: extensible to dependents, without any costs to the employee;
  • Dental Plan: expandable to dependents without co-participation or payroll deduction for themselves or their dependents;
  • Life Insurance: no co-payment or payroll deduction;
  • Gympass;
  • VA/VR: Transferred to the Flash benefits card;
  • Corporate education incentive: we are finalizing the points regarding this benefit;
  • Daycare allowance: for dependents up to 5 years old;
  • Referral program: program to refer professionals in which the new Shaper is contemplated after his/her referral completes 3 months of service;
  • Mentoring: with Shape leadership, aiming career development.
  • Accelerated career growth and others!


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