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Voyc, an award-winning leader in contact centre AI software, helps financial services companies be compliant and improve customer service by monitoring 100% of their customer interactions. Voyc uses artificial intelligence to transcribe and automatically analyse and review interactions to identify and handle problematic interactions (customer complaints and interactions with vulnerable customers) according to regulatory requirements. The AI solution “listens” for potential problems and compliance breaches and alerts users (supervisors and quality assurance teams) of calls that need further review and remediation.

Financial services companies have a huge compliance problem, particularly in the context of contact centre quality assurance. These companies struggle to monitor 100% of customer interactions due to the high cost of employing more and more quality assurance assessors. As a result, the average company monitors only 4-5% of customer interactions. This results in a large number of unchecked interactions, including complaints, compliance breaches and poor agent behaviour.

That’s where Voyc comes in! Voyc has built strong compliance models and cutting-edge software to revolutionise the contact centre quality assurance process. In 2021, Voyc was selected as the winner of the Accenture Blue Tulip Awards and the KPMG Digital Innovation Challenge. All of this has been achieved by our team of highly-motivated, diverse and purpose-driven individuals.


Job Description
Are you looking to join a company with a positive culture and mission? Do you want to be part of a team that is making the world a more consistent and caring place through innovative software solutions? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Voyc is a SaaS start up focused on using cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and other technology to deliver a product that promotes positive change in society by increasing Consistency and Care in call centres for regulated companies. You can find out more about us at voyc.ai and meet the team and dig into our values on our About Us page


To further our mission of promoting Consistency and Care, we’re looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. In this role, you will have the chance to work on exciting projects, collaborate with experienced team members, and contribute to a positive and dynamic company culture. If the prospect of solving unique and challenging problems appeals to you we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.



E-Learning Content Creation:

  • Collaborate with the Customer Academy Team to create engaging and effective e-learning content for our customers.
  • Develop instructional materials, presentations, and interactive modules to enhance the learning experience.

Video Script Writing:

  • Craft clear and compelling video scripts for instructional and promotional videos to support our customers’ learning journey.
  • Collaborate with the video production team to ensure alignment with content objectives.

Content Review and Iteration:

  • Actively gather and analyse feedback from customers on the content.
  • Participate in content review sessions to make improvements and updates as necessary.

Assessment Development:

  • Assist the Customer Education Manager in designing assessments and quizzes to evaluate customers’ understanding and proficiency.
  • Ensure assessments align with learning objectives and certification requirements.

Help Documentation:

  • Create comprehensive and user-friendly Help documentation for all Voyc product features.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Collaboration and Communication:

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including instructional designers, subject matter experts, and customer support, to gather information and insights for content development.
  • Maintain clear and effective communication with team members and stakeholders.


  1. Strong Writing Skills: Demonstrable ability in writing clear, concise, and engaging content, particularly for educational purposes. Experience in writing video scripts is a plus.
  2. Technical Proficiency: Basic proficiency in e-learning authoring tools such as Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, or similar software.
  3. Analytical Skills: Ability to collect and analyse feedback for iterative content improvement. Experience with analytics tools or customer feedback platforms would be beneficial.
  4. Teamwork and Communication: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams including instructional designers, subject matter experts, and customer support.
  5. Customer-Centric Mindset: A strong focus on understanding the needs of the customer, both in terms of educational content and user experience. Previous experience in customer service or customer-facing roles would be advantageous, but not essential.


As well as the opportunity to learn and expand your skills while making the world a better place, working at Voyc offers the following

  • Hands-on experience in instructional design and e-learning content development.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge technology and customer education strategies.
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals in the field.
  • Potential for future career opportunities at Voyc.
  • Caring, growth-focused team culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work
  • Forward-thinking leave policies
  • Company-sponsored lunches, travel and learning opportunities
  • An inclusive & representative workplace


Company Values

  • Playing to win
  • Putting people over everything
  • Driving results
  • Pursuing Knowledge
  • Working together


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