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Customer Success Manager, Weekly10 Platform – United States (ET or CT) Virtual


Who are we?

We’re LMS365, the leading AI-powered learning platform integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams. We recently acquired Weekly10, a dynamic performance and engagement management platform, to reimagine human success. Combining both platforms, we offer a game changing solution to our customers by developing more engaged and successful employees.

As a company, we are a talented group of individuals with a big mission: to transform the way we work to achieve greater human success.


What’s it like to work with LMS365?

We’re a global organization where people are driven by passion and curiosity. Our team has also commented that working with us is satisfying, dynamic, collaborative, innovative, and always supported by continuous learning.


We have a very strong intercultural foundation for our global team, which requires thoughtful collaboration and intentional teamwork. We’re dedicated to creating and upholding an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. Our team members are passionate about their work and are driven to achieve goals, both personally and professionally. And though we believe in working hard, we also believe in having fun and enjoying ourselves while we empower human success across the world.


Intrigued to learn more? Check out more About us.


Tell me about the role

As a Customer Success Manager at LMS365, you will have a vital role as a trusted advisor to our North American customers. Your role will be to understand performance and engagement use-cases and guide customers in their journey with our Weekly10 product, to make them successful with their solution and the use of our core platforms. Work is virtual but fast paced and highly collaborative with our cross-functional, global teams.



  • Assume the vital role as a trusted advisor to our customers, of all shapes, sizes and verticals to aid them in optimizing the full potential of the Weekly10 platform within the United States, Canada and our growing Latin American market.
  • Proactively and reactively, manage our customers evolving human success journey to include implementation, adoption, renewal, and potential expansion.
  • Understand, guide, and coach customers with a proven playbook to help them successfully optimize Weekly10 given their performance, engagement and learning requirements and unique use cases.
  • Collaborate across the organization with our professional service consultants, support engineers, development, marketing, finance, and sales executive teams to ensure efficient Weekly10 adoption and accelerate business value for our customers.
  • Compile, aggregate, analyze and share various reports based on platform usage and customer feedback to turn into actionable insights that we can use to better understand adoption, challenges, and best practices.
  • Help develop and articulate customer successes and accomplishments across our user community, as well as connect like-minded HR and L&D teams, to share knowledge amongst peers. This includes the development of success stories and reviews to support the marketing team.
  • Adapt existing customer onboarding assets and work with cross-functional teams to refine them over time.
  • Execute tasks at both operational and project levels to continuously optimize the customer journey and minimize customer churn.


A day in the life of a Customer Success Manager.

You begin your day by grabbing a cup of your preferred morning beverage and preparing for your 2 to 3 scheduled customer calls. These calls will happen through the Microsoft Teams platform, which means no travel days are required (yay!). On these calls, you help our customers onboard the system and guide them through the platform, answering any questions along the way.


In between calls, you check the Customer Relationship Management platform held in Dynamics 365 (what we call the CRM) to proactively assess any users who might require additional support to succeed in their usage of our learning management software. You might also use this time to follow up on subscription renewals coming up in the next months.


After lunch, you have a meeting with a Business Manager to go over customer licenses that are reaching their user limit and brainstorm how you can work together to upsell the customer on a subscription with larger user allowances.


You end your day by sending follow-up emails via Microsoft Outlook to the customers you had calls with during the day, providing them with assistive materials and helpful resources.

Tell me about the benefits available.

As a team member at LMS365, you can enjoy:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package.
  • The opportunity to work with a talented and passionate team that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration.
  • A flexible, virtual work environment.
  • Professional development opportunities and career growth within the company.
  • Fun company events and social activities to foster a positive work culture.
  • Making a positive impact on our amazing growth trajectory and contributing to the success of our customers.


Where is the job based?

This position is based in the United States, preferably in the Eastern or Central time zones. Work is virtual but fast paced and highly collaborative with our cross-functional, global teams. Coordination with our team in Europe is common.


What skills or experience are we looking for?

Many, but this specific role would be a great fit if you have:

  • 2+ years in B2B Customer Success, Relationship Management, Account Management, or a similar role from a SaaS company.
  • Exceptional relationship-building skills, where you excel at understanding different external/internal stakeholders, identifying their perspectives, and managing their needs and expectations.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate complex technical topics in a clear and easy-to-understand language.
  • Experience working within Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint.
  • Experience with CRM platforms — Microsoft Dynamics 365 would be a preference.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred – areas of study to include Information Technology, Business Informatic, Digital Innovation, Communication or Business Administration.


What type of person succeeds in this role?

We’ve surveyed our current and past Customer Success Managers and some common traits that they share are:

  • An empathetic and positive attitude with a desire to help customers and colleagues to reach their goals.
  • An ability to demonstrate diplomacy, tact, and poise when under pressure from client challenges.
  • The capacity to prioritize short and long-term tasks based on urgency, importance, and impact to get things done.
  • Being self-driven, flexible, and able to operate effectively with uncertainty and changes.
  • An adaptable working style and approach to best communicate with various customer personas and roles.
  • A comfort with project management and collaboration.


Anything else I should know?

Yes. That we don’t expect you to be a “perfect match” based on the role description. What does that mean? It means that we celebrate the unique knowledge you can offer that might not be mentioned in this job post. We appreciate diversity in all forms, and that includes the backgrounds and past experiences of our team members. So, if you don’t work with every system we mentioned or you aren’t an expert in every skill we listed, we still encourage you to apply. Because a growth mindset and an openness to learn are the most important to us.


Alright. I’m intrigued. What are the next steps?

We’re excited that you’re interested in working with us in the Customer Success Manager position. We’ve tried to make the application process as streamlined and painless as possible. Below, you can have a peek at our hiring process, so you know what to expect.

  1. Click the apply button on this page (simple enough, right?)
  2. Next, you’ll be taken to another form where you’ll upload your resume, provide answers to a few additional questions, and only add a cover letter if you wish (you’re welcome)
  3. After the application is completed and you’ve clicked ‘Send’, you’ll receive a confirmation email, so you know that your application has been received, safely and soundly.
  4. Within approximately 30 days, you will hear from our recruitment team for an update on your application.
  5. If our team thinks the role is a great match for your profile, we will reach out to schedule a first interview. This will normally be a 20-minute chat through Teams to hear more about you and we will also share more about LMS365. It’s like speed-dating but with a bit more information.
  6. After this conversation, we will provide feedback on our conversation and let you know if we’d like to keep progressing with you along the hiring journey and onto a first interview with the Hiring Manager.
  7. In case he also sees your amazing skills and expertise as a great fit, we will invite you to a second interview with a couple of employees from our current team in customer success and sales in the region. Here you will be asked to present a case before the team to showcase your skills.
  8. Within an average of 35 days (we always like to shoot for sooner than later) you’ll know if it’s a “Yes, please!” or a “Maybe later” for joining our team.

*Note: For all positions, references will be required to validate your application.


We look forward to learning more about you and (hopefully) welcoming you onto the team soon!


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